Holy… Killzone 3 GFX Look Stunning

killzone 3 pic 1

I must admit that I am a total Killzone 2 fanboy, so I could very well be bias, but aren’t the graphics looking stunning? That game alone just about justifies my purchase of a Playstation 3.

This stunning Killzone 3 gif were grabbed by Gameolosophy where you can see more, and to me it looks like Killzone 3 could very well take on the upcoming Crysis 2, which has already been said will be the best looking game on console.

Killzone 2 was already a graphical monster and keep in  mind that these Killzone 3 gifs doing the rounds are still pre-alpha code, so I reckon it could very well be in the running for best looking game on console. Lets just hope they get a good FPS rate to.


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