Yeah, we took a little personal time here.  You probably took some too.  You – like us then – would’ve missed some news that still snuck out while you were nursing your food/family/drink (delete as not applicable) hangover.  So let’s wrap up what you may have missed – and what we thought might interest you s much as us – shall we?

A new story trailer arrived for Aliens: Colonial Marines. The game arrives 12 February 2013.

Apparently, the next Tomb Raider game will feature multiplayer.  Full details are expected on 8 January.

The first gameplay video for the Terminal Reality developed first person shooter The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct arrived.  It was the closest thing to a zombie apocalypse that happened over this period of the year.

EA announced another shut down of online servers starting this month.  It’s games no-one is really playing anyway right?

January 3

Fifa Manager 11 for PC

January 11

Fifa Soccer 11 for PC, PS3, Wii & Xbox 360

FIFA Soccer 11 Ultimate Team for PS3 & Xbox 360

Madden NFL 11 for PS3, Wii & Xbox 360

Madden NFL 11 Ultimate Team for PS3 & Xbox 360

NBA JAM for PS3 & Xbox 360

NBA LIVE 10 for PS3 & Xbox 360

NCAA Football 11 for PS3 & Xbox 360

NHL 11 for PS3 & Xbox 360

NHL 11 Ultimate Team for PS3 & Xbox 360

January 14

The Sims 2 for PC/MAC and

January 19

Trenches II for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

The developers of Alan Wake – Remedy – are promising “great news” in 2013 causing speculation that Alan Wake 2 may be coming out this year.  Or not.

Blops 2_Revolution

A leaked promo poster has revealed that the first Black Ops 2 DLC may be called ‘Revolution’.  According to MP1st, the DLC arrives 29 January and will contain four new multiplayer maps: Hyrdo, Grind, Downhill and Mirage, along with a Zombies map called ‘Rise’ and the new Peacekeeper SMG.

A new Dead Space 3 trailer brings you up to date with the story so far.  Spoilers… if you haven’t been man enough to finish the first two games…

And if anyone is wondering why we didn’t do a ‘Game of the Year’ feature around here… we weren’t expecting to still be around in 2013 so spent the run up to the end of the world playing the only game you needed to really buy in 2012… Far Cry 3