Hitman Absolution | Deus Ex DLC Trailer

IO Interactive has put together a new trailer to promote the Deus Ex DLC.

The DLC features the ‘Deus Ex Suit’ and ‘Deus Ex Zenith gun’ add-ons which will allow Agent 47 in Adam Jensen’ and use the Zenith handgun when competing in Contracts Mode.

The Zenith pistol was Jensen’s gun in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a 10mm compact pistol can be equipped with a Steiner-Bisley silencer.

The ‘Deus Ex Suit’ and ‘Deus Ex Zenith Gun’ add-ons are available at a cost of 80 Microsoft Points each via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and USD $1.00 [around R10] each on the PlayStation Network and Windows PC.

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