Hints & Tips | FIFA Ultimate Team: The Basics

One of FIFA 13’s most influential selling points is the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode, and this year its back bigger and better than before. This article is going to be one of several articles in a series of articles aiding gamers in creating their ultimate team.

Getting Started

The start of any team is really important as you need one starting point to build your team around. Each team’s performance is affected by its chemistry, its ability to work together. Chemistry is based on several key aspects which can be broken up into two main categories, Individual and Team aspects. Individual aspects are items that relate solely to the player and which affect the sum total chemistry of the team. These aspects are namely position and formation. Players not playing in a position that they are familiar with will affect their overall chemistry along with formations that they are not familiar with. You can notice this in game when guys start to bunch up or start playing more defence or offence than when you need it. But with that said, FUT doesn’t just allow Left Midfielders to only play that position, it is just the player’s preferred position which is donated by a coloured boot when overviewing your squad. A green boot is preferred, orange boot is familiar and a red boot is a no no. Many players can play several positions but their addition to the team chemistry is reduced when not playing their preferred position and the same goes for players preferred formations.

With regards to the Team aspects, the chemistry is influenced by more factors than the individual factors. These factors influence the connection of passes between players and the overall team work of the team. League, Nationality and Club are the main influences here. If you were to look at it realistically, there is no point in placing two players that need to work with one another but have nothing in common and aren’t familiar with one another. Same as the coloured boots for individual players, this chemistry is noted with a coloured line linking players with a similar colour reference. For example, if we were to place an English goalie who plays in the Premier league with two centre backs with one from Nigeria and another from Spain who both play in different leagues from one another, the chemistry between them would be pour and passes between them would be poor.

So a good starting point would be to ask yourself one question “Do I want to build a team based on Nationality or League?”

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