So last week we left you peeps with a question, so in this week’s article we going to help aid you in answering that question based on our experiences.

The most popular squad choice that we have seen so far has been based on the Barclay’s Premier League with Liga BBVA (the Spanish league) in second and the Bundesliga (German of course) in a close third. Also, the most common squads based on nationality (all players the same nationality) has been a Brazilian squad, with a German based squad in a very close second.

So now you probably wondering which one is better and truth be told none are really better than the next as they have their strengths and weaknesses. What we have found is that the Barclay’s Premier League offers a huge variety of players with different playing styles and is one of the better known leagues around, practically holding a fair amount of the world’s best players in one league. With that said, being such a well-known league also brings about its problems when creating a team based on the Premier League, players are more expensive.

Compared to the other leagues, we felt that some player’s prices are inflated as they are better known than players who play in the lesser known leagues, such as the Bundesliga. We have been able to pick up players with similar ratings to that of Premier League Players if not the same, for a fraction of the price; examples of such players would be Huntelaar and Lewandowski. On the other side of the coin, we also found that the Bundesliga defence was a little weaker than that of the Premier League and Liga BBVA especially at centre back positions. Teams based on a Brazilian nationality seem to be much faster paced then many other teams but have an associated higher price.

So you probably asking yourself “What does this mean?”. Well it means a lot, from this you can start basing your team on your style of play, if you don’t want to spend a lot of coins in purchasing players and still have a decent team with a decent amount of pace, have a look at a team based on German Nationality and Bundesliga, practically a hybrid team. If you enjoy a great attacking game then a Brazilian or Liga BBVA based team would be a great choice. If you looking for a balanced team, then a team based on the Barclay’s Premier League would suit you.

We ourselves originally went with a team based on the Barclays Premier League and have both started building teams based on Bundesliga to compare costs and skill.

Next week we will take a look at making decisions on players to choose and formations and let you in on a little auction house experiment we running.

This article was clearly written by two players of FIFA and not one of the regular zombies, as kicking a ball around usually equates to limbs not remaining where they should.  You can join CtrlAltDelZA and Mr MiLiTiA ZA again next week as they take you closer to being a pro in the world of virtual football known as FIFA 13.  Or you can join the zombies on the substitute’s bench again.