For those of you have been hungry for some Gears of War action – your dreams have been answered.  El33tonline (we show no ill will towards our fellow South African sites) and SA clan CMR are facilitating a little Gears of War 3 King of the Hill action with some of their community members.  If you’re keen to kerb stomp something uglier than a zombie (c’mon the Locust are uglier) then be ready for action on the weekend of 23 and 24 June.


Date: 23 – 24 June 2012
Format: Single/Double elimination (depending on numbers)
Teams: 4v4
Registration: Maximum of 5 members per team (4+1 reserve)
Those not in a team of 4 may register in smaller groups and we will attempt to put them in a team of 4.
Register here (registration closes 19 June)

For more tournament details and the full rule set see here.

The idea of the tournament is to reward and unite the ZA Gears competitive community with the ever faithful El33tonline Gears Wednesday community. Fun and enjoyment will be the order of the day(s) though, so all are welcome and encouraged. Oh and did I say reward? Well yes indeed, there will be prizes for the winning team but also in true El33t fashion, prizes will awarded randomly throughout the competition as well.