Help Get Console Servers in South Africa

This is a call to all South African console gamers – Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – by Mweb to support their drive to get locally hosted servers for server based console games – in much the same way that they currently do for Gears of War 3.

To support the petition, head over to the Mweb GameZone Facebook Album and tag yourself in the banner and the rest will be done by Mweb GameZone.

Let’s let the voice of the SA console gamer be heard!!
We are tired of high pings playing on international servers when we still pay the full price for the game!
Let MWEB host the servers! Tag yourself in this image and add your name to the petition.
We’ll do the rest in sharing this with Electronic Arts (EA) South AfricaActivisionBattlefieldTreyarchBattlefield 3EAMicrosoft Game Studios.

If you’re serious about enjoying your console gaming what are you doing still reading this…?