I was recently invited to take part in Deathrattle Tournament organised by local Hearthstone enthusiasts Hearthbattles in which a couple of gaming related websites and companies did battle against each other in a single elimination tournament.

Since I am the only zombie with any real hearthstone I was the obvious choice. The rounds were spread out weekly giving each player more than enough time to set a time in order to play there matches. Each player could have three decks and weren’t allowed to change their decks throughout the tournament. I held my own (mostly cause of no shows) and made it all the way the semi-final where I was destroyed by Jason Borea from Megarom.

We had a quick chat with Kordian Ignatiuk, the man behind Hearthbattles.


What is Hearthbattles?

Hearthbattles is a community driven site that helps promote the competitive side of Hearthstone and reward players for their efforts with prizes. The reason I say community driven is due to the fact the more interest the community shows to the site by visiting it, participating in tournaments and interacting with fellow gamers, the better the prizes we can obtain.

Why did you choose Hearthstone over the other games currently out?

I think its cause I was drawn to the game based on other WoW experiences. Also the fact that some friends I play with kept on asking me to create a site similar to my past baby Xboxreel. At this time Hearthstone had become an open beta and the number on South African players was quite large.

Has there been good turn out of players?

Definitely, way bigger than what we expected. We currently have over 160 active members on the site and 73 ranked players.

How big is the local South African Hearthstone community?

Massive. Do Gaming League has over 3 divisions of players and our own tournaments are continuously growing in number. I think every week we meet a handful of new players who aren’t aware of the local competitive seen. Some really large rocks out there ;P

Tell us more of the type of tournaments you run?

Majority of our initial tournaments were of a general nature, no limits on decks and cards. We have now introduced a Back 2 Basics tournament that has a deck limit against epic and legendary cards. Our tournament structures are usually Single Elimination which are best of 3 games (Bo3) against an opponent, upto to semis where it becomes B05 games. We have also had a Death Rattle Invitational tournament where we invited representatives from online magazines, distributors and community forums. The same tournament where you surprised all of us by making it to the semifinals ;P Well played though.

The international competition scene of Hearthstones is pretty big. Will South Africa ever be represented at this level?

Yeah definitely. We have some very skilled players in South Africa. We have the likes of Barry “TreNd” West, Anthony “Scant” Hodgson, Martin “Skunkzy” Wing, just to name a few. These are all players who see the game at a different level. I swear someone experimented on them and gave them mind powers ;P

Do you think online card games like Hearthstone will replace traditional trading card games like Magic?

Don’t think so to be honest. Even though you find a lot Hearthstone players who are or were Magic players, you don’t find many first time Hearthstone players becoming Magic players. I also feel that Hearthstone attracts different players than what Magic does.

What do you have planned for the future of Heathbattles?

We have a few video series we have been planning for and we making a trip out to rAge to meet the people that support Hearthbattles and incorporate them into a project of ours. Once spectator function is released we are going to be doing a lot of shoutcasting with our tournaments, we already have shoutcasters lined up for it. As for offline, we have some plans in the works, just waiting on some words from potential sponsors and venues. So we will be coming to a city near you.

So check out Heartbattles at there website and join in on the fun. Also be aware of their next event called the Back 2 Basics Tournament brought to you in conjunction with MWEB GameZone.

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