Harmonix’s new game places your smartphone’s songs into the gaming-world


It’s a sign of the times, another great developer fully turning their attention to mobile gaming.

CVG report that Harmonix, the studio that brought us Rock Band, is readying release of its new game – Record Run – a new rhythm action game. Interesting, as far as mobile games go, is that the game accesses the player’s iOS or Android music library, and build stages in the game using the tracks.

We are not big on mobile gaming at Zombiegamer, at all, but since it’s a slow news day… We are also curious to see how Zombie Dredd’s library of metal is going to be incorporated into game worlds. Will it brake the game? Scar or damage the code?

Record Run will be free-to-play. It generates game levels based on players’ music track data. Players select a character based on music-related fashions, and run through a street collecting records to the beat of a track.

It sounds similar to the “dime-a-dozen” running games that are cloned daily where players jump, slide and switch across two parallel lanes to collect records. But at least we’ll get a good soundtrack.

Record Run is scheduled for release penned in May.

And that’s your mobile gaming news… for the year.

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