Happy Birthday PlayStation2


Excuse me while a wipe the tears from my keyboard. Just this morning I picked up my old Playstation2 console out from underneath the TV stand (renovations had me moving furniture). I thought I might still use it sometime so still plugged in was two ‘Singstar’ mics (the wife’s) and I remembered the endless nights after my beloved console because the a Karaoke jol. So many nights of having to sing some crap to impress my then fiancé (common, as if you have not done things against your will to impress the woman).


Well once I touched the next-gen console, there was no return, and thankfully, my wife lost interest in singing… well I hope she did, I am not going to remind her.


I did however put on a million hours on no less than four Playstation 2 consoles. So today, I show my appreciation for all those good times on this marked day that is Playstation 2’s ninth birthday. Happy birthday old friend!


Today, nine years ago, Sony launched what would become the best selling console of all time… On the 9th anniversary of the launch, Sony revealed the massively impressive sales figures of 140 million units sold worldwide, beating out the DS and Gameboy, with 120 million and 108 million units sold, respectively. Many gamers are still using this console and just the other day, sales figures here showed that it is still the most popular console… by far.



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