Halo Reach Pushes The Xbox 360 “As Far As It Can Go”


In a recent interview with Next-Gen.biz Bungie creative director, Marcus Lehto said that they “bending the Xbox as far as it’ll bend” for upcoming release Halo: Reach. He continues, “We are… taking every advantage of everything on the CPU and GPU, and every bit of memory in order to produce the look of Reach beyond anything of Halo 3. We’re pushing it as far as we can go. With every iteration we understand what more we can exploit with the hardware.”

Bungie community director Brian Jarrard reported that the improvements they have made with the upcoming title’s AI will give gamers plenty of replay value. He told the interviewer, “The AI system is super robust, and is taken for granted as a rich simulation. A lot of people don’t necessarily appreciate how much of a difference that makes in their experience, the fact that everything is simulated, nothing is bolted down. You can throw a grenade in a room and it’s all physically simulated. Even in our giant environments you see films in which someone will throw a grenade and it will send a Warthog flying through the air and it’ll kill someone on the other side of the map. It’s one of those things which is so hard and complicated to do, but it’s just underlying the whole game. It’s kind of delightful that people don’t appreciate how hard that stuff is to make.”

Well they certainly sound bullish about it.

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