Early next year, Halo 5 players will find their franchise getting a little love when Halo South Africa and the Maverick Gaming venue host a 4v4 tournament.

We’re old fans of the franchise at Zombiegamer. Halo and Gears of War were the titles that got us competing and even hosting events. 2016 was probably Halo 5’s big year with numerous online tournaments. EGE 2016 saw us bring the finals of our R26,000 Halo 5 tournament to the esports stage of the event. Earlier in the year, ViNCO Gaming’s Halo team had been to Germany for the Halo World Championship qualifiers. And then, pretty much nothing.

Now, thanks to Halo South Africa and Halo player NicmeisteR, Halo 5 is getting some air time again. The tournament on Saturday 5 January 2019 will be both a LAN event and an online one too. Players who can attend the Maverick Gaming Centre in Rivonia are encouraged to do so, while registrations are available for players elsewhere in the country to participate online.

Should you be keen to attend the LAN but don’t have an Xbox One, you can contact the organisers to arrange access to one of eight consoles available. If you don’t have a team, fear not, as that can be arranged too. The LAN is a bring your own event otherwise, with players required to bring their console, HDMI cable, power cable, game and controller. We would suggest packing your headset too. Screens and seats will be supplied.

The LAN will see the “first” use of a local server in South Africa.

Entry to the tournament is free and prizes are still to be confirmed.

For those keen to register, head to the Toornament event page. Additional information is available on the Facebook event page.

The Maverick Gaming Centre opened recently [Our launch invite got lost in the mail we take it? – Undead Ed] and offers attendees access to screens, power, 600mbps fibre and various other creature comforts for around 100 visitors. It also just happens to be free to use in December and January, so there just is no excuse is there?