Gymkhana SIX: Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course Trailer


Ken Block and Need for Speed have teamed up to deliver ‘Gymkhana SIX: Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course’, which is live now on

Block built the ultimate grid to showcase the “sheer speed, fun and exhilarating action of driving,” says EA. Block added some videogame elements from Need for Speed Rivals.

“I’m stoked about how Gymkhana SIX has turned out,” said Block.

“Obviously we had to go in a different direction this year after conquering San Francisco in Gymkhana FIVE and the tie-in with Gymkhana GRID for me was a natural direction.

“GRID really challenges me as a driver and the course that we’ve created for this video is an interpretation of what my ultimate GRID course would look like. Hopefully someday we can make a course like this a reality for a Gymkhana GRID competition!”

Watch Block execute multiple jumps, drift around Lamborghini Aventadors and evade the videogame-themed Redview County cops on Segways in his own unique style.

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