GTA V_59

Unsurprisingly, Grand Theft Auto V has been recorded as the best-selling title over a 24-hour peri­od of all time.

GameSpot are citing Guinness World Records who claim that Grand Theft Auto V sold 11.21 mil­lion copies dur­ing its first 24 hours on sale, taking in $815.7 mil­lion. However Take-Two Inter­ac­tive has only con­firmed $800 mil­lion in 24 hours and $1 bil­lion in three days.

A Guinness rep says the company’s records team worked direct­ly with Rock­star Games on obtain­ing the figures, but Take-Two say the num­bers in the announce­ment “didn’t come from the group and can’t ver­i­fy its accu­ra­cy.”

That’s besides the point, the point is that GTA V sold like milk and bread at release.