GTA V Expected to “More Than Double” Take-Two’s Profit for Next Fiscal Year

During a recent financial call that GamesIndustryBiz reported on, Take-Two Interactive CFO, Lainie Goldstein says the gaming group expect revenue to “more than double” in the next fiscal year.

Take-Two is to publish other highly anticipated titles which should sell well, but since they expect such an overwhelming increase in profit, this would certainly be reflective of the expectations that the group has riding on Grand Theft Auto V in the next fiscal year.

Goldstein explained that Take-Two’s “unwavering commitment to quality” led to the choice being made to delay several key games were running late in development.

“For the full year we expect revenue to more than double to a range of $1.75 billion to $1.85 billion” notes Goldstein.

“Our expected revenue assumes the on-time release of the titles we have announced to date, as well as other titles yet to be announced for release during fiscal 2013.”

The Grand Theft Auto V release date has yet to be confirmed, however it is largely speculated that we will see the title withing the next twelve months. It has also been reported that the release date could be revealed at E3 in June.

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