The question burning in my brain all afternoon – why Grid Autosport won’t be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

IGN report that the game’s lead designer, James Nicholls says Codemasters didn’t want to “force” the game onto those platforms, and that it would feel like a “port job”.

He explained that the Ego engine was used with the previous games, and this engine is “highly optimised” for the current-gen hardware and PC.

“If we moved that particular engine onto next-gen, it’s almost a port job and you’re not really doing a next-gen game,” he added.

“We’re building something that’s forced onto those consoles, that’s not naturally built for them.”

Fortunately Nicholls also revealed that Codemasters is working on the tech that will take them onto next-gen platforms.

“What we’ve traditionally done at Codemasters is we’ve always released games that have been built for that new hardware in mind,” he said.

“So the engines we’re building internally for the new version of Ego of next-gen and the games that are built on that are taking that platform extensions, those new things into account. For our game it didn’t feel right to force a game out.”