Yes, you may be able to tell from the headline that we are slightly disappointed.

Codemasters, the racing aficionados, have finally outed the spiritual successor to the GRID and TOCA series. Unfortunately not for the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Don’t get us wrong though, in Codies we trust, and it does all sound very impressive, but we won’t get to play it on our favourite platform.

All importantly the physics seems to have been fettled with a bit, more simulation than before.

“GRID Autosport we’ve gone back to a more authentic handling style,” reads the Codemasters blog announcement.

“It’s definitely not a full simulation – we want it to be authentic, not clinical – but it’s more towards that end of the spectrum than before.

“If anything, we believe the handling is actually one or two steps further towards simulation than Race Driver: GRID, to give you an idea.”

The rest sounds like top drawer stuff, with a serviceable multiplayer and extensive sounding career.

It looks fantastic in action too…

GRID Autosport launches on June 27th on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.