Green Day Rock Band

green_dayAnd the latest ‘big band’ to make ‘Rock Band’ was announced at the VGA’s, and it is none other than Green Day that will grace the ever popular rhythm series now.

Harmonix and MTV Games issued a press release with details on the forthcoming music game. Harmonix have promised that the game will feature some of the most popular hits from defining albums and key moments throughout their career to date, so Green Day fans should be able to work out some of the songs that will make the cut. Another great feature that will delight Rock Band fans, in this one you will have the ability to export the soundtrack to other versions of Rock Band you might own.

The band’s lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong said “We’ve worked with the Rock Band team in the past year to enable our fans to play tracks from 21st Century Breakdown, and we’re excited to now be working on a game, spanning our entire career. We want people to fire this up, choose their favorite Green Day tracks, and play along with us as Rock Band avatars so they can feel what it’s like to perform on stage as Green Day.”

No release date was given, but Rock Band’s are usually released locally around the third quarter.

Via 1UP.