Gran Turismo for PS4 “still a long way off” warns Polyphony


If you are holding out on Gran Turismo 6 for the Playstation 3 in hope for the Playstation 4 version, you might be waiting a long while.

Joystiq report that Polyphony boss, Kazunori Yamauchi told a panel at Gamescom that a Gran Turismo game for the Playstation 4 is a long way away.

Yamauchi says a PlayStation 4 version of Gran Turismo 6 is in mind, but by the time it releases it may evolve into Gran Turismo 7. He also said the “vision” of GT6 may have evolved further by the time this happens.

It might sound like Polyphony want to insure we don’t skip Gran Turismo 6, particularly since the Playstation 4 is being released around the same time as the game, but given the recently announced ‘Vision Gran Turismo’ project, it does seem like Polyphony might just have their hands full right now.

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