Gran Turismo 5: My Lounge Details


I have been trying to ignore any Gran Turismo 5 news because of all they delays. I thought I would start taking it serious when it was actually confirmed and stuck to a date. I think it might be safe to start looking forward to it now and with racing games, the part I look forward to the most is the online mode. Details have emerged on what could be just the ticket for the logistics of multiplayer lobbies.  ‘My Lounge’ could be a great way to meet and greet before you get into racing. 

In My Lounge you will be given access to all of GT5’s online features, or just get up to date with the latest news around the game. Here you can also get  any stats and messages that your friends and other players may have on. You can send out challenges My Lounge. My Lounge supports voice-chat for up to 32 players with the ability to host online races for 16.

Last but not least, what better way to pass time than a little telly, how about GT-TV VOD service and race replays for your viewing pleasure.