God of War: Ascension | Teaser Trailer and Boxart **UPDATE**

It would appear that the speculation over the teaser last week is almost spot on.  It’s a new God of War.

However, it’s not called God of War IV, but God of War: Ascension.  According to CVG the game has been listed on Amazon (but the page has now mysteriously disappeared) and is accompanied by the trailer below.  There is also an assumed placeholder release date of December 31, 2013.

We’re pretty sure this video will be removed soon, but today was the day earmarked for the official reveal of something conceptually similar to what is seen in the trailer and boxart.  Welcome back Kratos.


Just in case you were still thinking this is all a hoax, Sony has confirmed via the official US PlayStation blog that God of War: Ascension’s does exist and will be coming to PS3.

The game’s director is Todd Pappy – design director on God of War 3 at Sony Santa Monica studio.

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