God of War: Ascension | Beta access details released

You can see Zeus in action in the video posted earlier, but maybe you want to actually get your hands on the God before the game even releases?

In the upcoming beta for God of War: Ascension, you might just get that chance, as Sony promises the beta will include “all-new multiplayer action that we haven’t yet shown,” as well as the first God players will be able to align with; Zeus.

The multiplayer beta will launch for PS Plus subscribers this winter [Northern Hemisphere], but Sony have also announced that players of a new social game will receive early access.

By competing in a number of social challenges in ‘The Rise of the Warrior’ – a new interactive graphic-novel style story on the official God of War website – PS3 owners can unlock a week of early access to the God of War Beta and 30 days of PS Plus.

From now until March users will also be able to earn early in-game unlocks for God of War: Ascension multiplayer, as well as exclusive multiplayer weapons and armour.


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