G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Review (PS3)

By PsiCoNaut


“Yo Joe!”, is how I would describe growing up with G.I. Joe. There were so many action figures to choose from, and as a fact, the term “action figure” was coined by the makers of G.I. Joe. Then many years later, Hollywood decided to make a movie of G.I. Joe, and I remember thinking to myself, what took them so long. The movie itself was a pretty good action movie, with a nice setup for some sequels. With the movie, came the game. Now normally I rarely ever play a game based on a movie, the games usually never live up to the movie. This game is set after the movie finishes, which is quite refreshing. It is an arcade style co op game with a fixed camera behind your characters (from a distance). Game play consists of simple run, shoot, dive, shoot, take cover mentality…and of cause; there are the accelerator suits, which are just not that awesome.


Features and Game play

G.I. Joe – Rise of the Cobra contains a few playable character classes; commando, combat soldier and heavy. Each of these appears fairly similar, they have guns and they shoot cobra enemies. Each of these characters also has different weapons and special weapons. Items to collect are hidden throughout the levels. There are doors in the game, used to hide Intel,  which can only be opened by certain character classes, so if you do not choose the correct characters to take into a level, you may have to replay it…unless you find a teleporter  (which just let’s you switch characters). As you play through the game you get to unlock more characters to play as. There are vehicles to drive which have weapons mounted on them and turrets. If playing a co-op game, one player will drive and fire the front weapons, while the second player mans the turrets. Staying with mention of co-op, this is probably one of the better features in the game, let’s be honest, why should you be suffering thru this game on your own. There are no upgradable weapons, only more characters to unlock. The accelerator suit give you a few seconds of annoying music, better weapons and makes you invincible. A cover system does exist, with destructible cover, but it seems more enjoyable to run around in circles shooting at the enemy. The game changes slightly, as you get to play with really heavy weapons, like satellite strikes. But this mini game only lasts a few minutes and overall is not as great as I have made it sound. The cut scene graphics are quite terrible, at least for anything made for a PS3. The controls are not very well laid out. You cannot move the camera around, and in fact, the right analogue stick is used for selecting targets. The fixed camera gets really annoying when running down a corridor and turning a corner, as it does not fall behind you immediately, leaving your Joe getting shot to pieces without any idea as to what is shooting at you, except for the basic knowledge that it is cobra. There is also a melee attack…eh, ‘nuf said.


Bits I Loved

  • Trophies
  • Co-op (at least you do not have to have a bad time on your own)

Bits I Hated

  • The cut scenes
  • Graphics
  • The game play
  • The game


Been a simple arcade style game, with a few vehicles and character classes in it does make for an ok game to play, and probably far more appealing to a 12 year old. And looking at the graphics quality, one can only hope that this was the same port as the PSP, but even that is no excuse. It is quite simple to play through and is not very challenging or thought provoking. Perhaps if it came out when the toys did, it would have been ground breaking. Maybe the creators of the game should think of releasing it was a coin op game. All in all, it makes for a rather repetitive game. If I spend my hard earned cash on the PS3 version, I would definitely be crying “No Joe!”.

Link to site for more info, screen shots and videos: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra



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