Gears of War Judgment

The  Gears of War: Judgment Tournament brought to you by Xbox SA has hit the semi-final and final stage this weekend.  The final six clans and 24 lone wolf players will be playing for their pride and the Samsung TVs up for grabs.

Lone Wolves

The 24 lone wolf players will kick their “semi final” matches off on Rig, with each eight man lobby seeing the top three progress to the final which will be played at 9pm on Friday night on Haven.  It should be an entertaining bunch of matches with plenty of South Africa’s top players still in with a good chance of taking it.

The Clans

The six clans in the first round of semi finals are CMR Flashback, High 5 Synergy, Capital Punishment, FLS Legion, Enter Team Name and Judge Dredds (no relation).  With four teams moving on to the second round semi finals being based on scores, the teams will need to really play well, even if they lose their respective match on Rig.

The two teams which make it to the final will face off over three maps – Library, Haven and Streets – with the first to two map wins walking off with the champs crown.

The Lone Wolf matches will be played on Friday (26 April), while the Clan matches will happen on Saturday (27 April) and some of them will be streamed live.