Games and publishers are really starting to break my heart.  Micro-transactions.  How do I hate thee.  Let me count the ways…  Well, no amount of this old zombie moaning is going to change things now.

Gears of War Judgment is now the latest game to follow the evil started by Dead Space 3 and seized upon recently by Black Ops 2.  In Judgment you will be able to buy yourself double XP, for nothing more than bragging rights.  Yes, buy yourself to your Achievements, because you will not be getting any weapons or armour in-game.

Sorry, I’m being a little grumpy.  You do get ribbons and awards in-game from certain XP milestones, and that brings pretty coloured weapon and character skins with it.

According to CVG,  “players can purchase double XP for ten online matches for 80 Microsoft Points (£0.69 / €0.96 / $1.00), for 50 matches for 320 MSP (£2.74 / €3.84 / $4.00), for 100 matches for 560 MSP (£4.80 / €6.72 / $7.00), and for 200 matches for 800 MSP (£6.85 / €9.60 / $10.00).”

Of course, you could just buy th Gears of War: Judgment Season Pass for 1600 MSP and get permanent double XP, as well as new maps and modes at a discounted price.

Epic has announced that there will be a Gears Event this week which will be Breechshot and Spot Grenade only in Domination.  For participating, you will receive a ribbon.

Details here.