Gears of War: Judg(e)ment | Dated by **UPDATE**

**UPDATE** have now told CVG that the date was “an estimate”.  As you were.


Obviously an online retailer dating a game does not make it official, but there have been a few early announcements recently made by retailers which were later simply confirmed by the publishers.

In this instance, have listed the next Gears of War for release in the UK on Friday 8 February 2013.   So far neither Epic Games nor Microsoft have issued an official release date for the game, but CVG reckons the “specificity of ShopTo’s listing would suggest it is authentic.”

We’re a little more sceptical.  Gears of War 3 had a worldwide release which fell on a Tuesday (the traditional release day in the US) and there is no reason why Microsoft won’t follow this pattern for the next game in their massive series.

South African retailer – and information broker on numerous previous occasions – BT Games has the game simply listed for “March 2013”.