Gears of War 3 | SA ‘Grand Finale’ Tournament Announced

Gears 3 Grand Finale

Clan CMR (Crimson Moon Rising) and El33tonline have teamed up to give Gears of War 3 one last hurrah before the game is replaced with Gears o War Judgment as the game of (no) choice for Gearsheads in South Africa.

Dubbed, the ‘Grand Finale’, the tournament is invite only, with invites extended to those “most dedicated and loyal to ZA Gears 3.”  Other teams keen to take part can submit their team name and players (4 + 1 sub) via our CMR’s contact page.  The tournament kicks off on 4 March and runs for only two weeks until 16 March and will be 4v4 matches of Execution and King of the Hill.  Prizes are still to be confirmed.

Many of the games will be recorded and uploaded to CMR’s youtube channel, and if possible, some of the games will be streamed live too.

Details via CMR:

Gears of War 3‘s iron grip over our Xbox’s is soon coming to an end as most of us will soon be switching over to Gears of War Jugdment but before we all do that we need to give the old lady (dog?) a proper send off!

So this March in the weeks leading up to Jugdment we’ll be hosting our final GOW3 tournament – a Grand Finale if you will. We’ll return to the traditional tournament format of 4v4 matches of Execution and King of the Hill. Owing to the timing the tournament will be very compact, spanning only two weeks (4 March – 16 March) with matches being played on two nights (provisionally Tuesdays + Thursdays) a week.

Because of these constraints, we’ve already approached some of the local GOW3 teams that we feel have been the most dedicated and loyal to ZA Gears 3. The following teams will be participating:

CMR Stranded
CMR Lambent
GZ MountainCloudSquad
Johnny Can’t Swim
FLS Legion
FLS Betrayal
RZ Aunty Jowie
Bench Warmers

Video Coverage

To give everyone some exposure as well as hype up Gears of War ahead of Judgment we’ll be recording a as many of the matches as we can and uploading them to our youtube channel to display the Gears talent that SA has to offer. And if we can get it to work we hope to live stream a few matches as well.

Late Registrations

If there are other teams that too would like to enter and say goodbye to GOW3, then indicate so by submitting your team name and players (4 + 1 sub) via our contact page. Depending on numbers new teams will play against one of the above mentioned teams in a prelim/qualifier match before entry into the tournament proper.

Can all the teams entered please provide a full team line up by 28 February 2013 – email


To be confirmed…

Summary Details:

Date: 04 – 16 March 2013
Format: Groups & Single Elimination
Teams: 4v4
Registration: Maximum of 5 members per team (4+1 reserve)
Please indicate who will be captain as well as a contact email address
Please submit registrations via our contact page
Registration closes 28 February 2013
Host: Private
Each match will be provided a neutral host (+ ref)
No team may play their match while in party chat (so that hosts/refs can easily communicate with teams)
Matches: Best of 3 (Execution – KOTH – Execution)

Provisional Schedule

We’ve planned to have the tournament start the week of 4 March 2013 and going through to the week of 16 March 2013 with games taking place on the Tuesday’s and Thursday’s of those weeks. And because games will only be played two days a week it will mean that teams will most likely be required to play more than 1 match a night.
We will be very strict with regards to forfeiting if teams are not punctual however in extreme circumstances we can negotiate alternate times but only with significant motivation.

Week 1 Week 2
Tuesday (5/3) Group Games Tuesday (12/3) Knockout Games
Thursday (7/3) Group Games Thursday (14/3) Knockout Games

We will keep the weekends as reserve days in case of emergencies.


The tournament will consist of 2 (possibly 3) phases.

Phase 1 – Prelim matches Phase 2 – Group matches Phase 3 – Knockout matches

Phase 1 will only come into play if we receive more entries.
Knockout brackets will be single elimination.

Match Settings

Execution King of the Hill
Rounds to Win: 4 Rounds to Win: 2
Time Limit: 4 minutes Score Limit: 120 points
Friendly Fire: Yes Friendly Fire: Yes
Classic Stalemate: Yes Classic Stalemate: n/a
Weapon Spawn: After Use Weapon Spawn: After Use
Loadout: Lancer/Gnasher only Loadout: Lancer/Gnasher only
Weapon Swaps Boltok > Snub Weapon Swaps Boltok > Snub
Maps: TBC Maps: TBC



  • Each team member must have a different character
  • No clone characters (e.g. Dizzy + Big Rig Dizzy or A. Carmine + B.Carmine)
  • No Skinny Characters (All female skins, All Kantus skins)

Disconnections / Forfeits

  • A round may be restarted if a player drops within the first minute. Map restarted with same score.
  • Only the team from whom the player drops may signal end of round (waving smokes)
  • Each team is only allowed 1 restart per map, after that they must continue a player down.
  • Maps may be restarted because of:
    – players dropping
    – incorrect weapon swaps / loadouts
    – players spawning with no weapons
    – teams spawning with incorrect numbers
    – excessive lag i.e. walking on walls, cannot move, etc
    – NOT sponging
  • 10 minute grace period allowed for start of matches, thereafter team will need to play a man short or forfeit
  • All players are to have their party settings set to “Invite Only”, Host will kick randoms

Fairplay / Behaviour / Sportmanship

  • None of the following will be accepted, proof of guilt will result in banning of players:
    – Racial taunts / slurs
    – Offensive prejudicial taunts / slurs
    – Lewd in-game taunts or celebrations
    – Any and all of the above directed towards tournament participants outside of tournament play

If there are any questions or suggestions, please voice them in the comments section.

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