Gears of War 3 | News from Comic-Con, cosplay and… a motorbike

The panel at Comic-Con 2011 discussing Gears of War 3 dropped a few interesting bits of information about the game which was featured alongside a reveal of an ‘American Chopper’ built Gears of War 3 chopper.  Obviously.

Firstly, the panel announced a ‘casual’ multiplayer mode in the game.  This is specifically for players who have not played either Gears 1 or 2.  If you have a  Gears 2 or Gears 1 achievements, or played in the beta, you will be locked out of casual mode.

This is an ovbious effort to improve accessibility for new players who may be daunted by the concept of constantly getting shotgunned by players who have never taken the game out of their console.  The mode will prove to be a safe haven and will feature aim-assist.  I do have to wonder how many experienced players will start a new profile to simply make life a misery for inexpereinced players…

The panel also announced that the game will have “scheduled events” – in a kind of “Dungeon Mastering” way.  That’s what Cliffy B called it.  Initially, Epic will have control over the game types players will have access to, so they will create scheduled events like “Torque Bow Tag Weekend” in which players can jump into servers and play different game types.  On this one, I wonder if that means players will be able to control the game types in the future?

There was also some eye candy in the form of a Gears of War 3 chopper made by the gents from American Chopper, as well as a bit of cosplay of Anya Stroud… easy boys.

[Photos and info from Game Front]

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