Gears of War 3 | Full Campaign Trailer to Debut During Champions League Final

Epic Games gave us a campaign teaser trailer and screen for upcoming Gears of War 3 but we will have to wait until 28th May, this coming Saturday for the full trailer. This action-packed trailer is said to offer a “riveting look at the epic-scale campaign” in the Gears of War trilogy finale. The trailer debuts on 28 May during the Champions League Final Match at approximately 9:45 p.m BST around the world in the U.S. We have no information on whether Supersport will air the feed locally, or flip to ESPN as they might be broadcasting the NBA Final which is also going to air the trailer.

Epic Games say the trailer is “laced with explosive new gameplay, the pulse-pounding trailer offers a gripping preview of the enthralling cinematic story in Gears of War 3, as Marcus Fenix and his brothers-in-arms wage a desperate two-front war against the Locust and Lambent menace to save humanity.”

The spectacular conclusion to one of the most celebrated sagas in video games, Gears of War 3 has already surpassed one million pre-orders worldwide, making it the fastest pre-selling Xbox exclusive in the history of the platform. As further testament to the immense anticipation surrounding the game, more than one million players participated in the “Gears of War 3” multiplayer beta this spring, helping refine and polish the hotly anticipated juggernaut.

For additional details on the game see the official site.

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