Gears of War 3 | Dedicated Servers hosted by Mweb in South Africa

So where exactly is "South Africa" on the map?

For those of you wondering if the dedicated servers for Gears of War 3 in South Africa are actually being hosted locally, the answer is yes.  And Mweb is the company behind it.

This makes it the first “the first locally hosted console game server in South Africa”.  We hope that this is the first of many.

Press Release:

Local servers deployed for a popular Xbox game like Gears of War 3 is an incredible win for the local gaming community in getting a great console multiplayer game-play experience.

Cape Town, 20 September 2011: MWEB has made high-end servers available to to provide hosting instances for a new Gears of War 3 dedicated server for South Africa.

This comes after Microsoft approached to host dedicated servers for Gears of War 3 for its Xbox 360 console players in a number of regions, which included South Africa. Given the relationship has with MWEB, the company approached MWEB to provide the servers for local hosting of the game.

“We know there are a lot of South African gamers playing Gears of War 3, so we’re really excited about making servers available to With these servers deployed locally, players will no longer experience the higher latencies associated with connecting to international servers, which should make the game play experience so much better,” says Desmond Kurz, online gaming manager at MWEB.

MWEB is grateful to Microsoft, on behalf of South African Xbox gamers, for considering South Africa as a region to deploy these game servers, despite earlier reports that these servers were not going to be deployed in the country.

MWEB will continue to look for opportunities to improve the South African gamer’s experience, particularly in the console space where the experience is not yet up to the standard set in Europe and North America.

“To our knowledge, this Gears of War 3 dedicated server is the first locally hosted console game server in South Africa and we hope that this will be the start of a trend in which console game publishers and providers increase their footprint in the SA market.” says Kurz. “MWEB will actively pursue such opportunities to improve the online gaming experience for local players.”