Gears of War 2 XP…What’s next?!

So, we’re all currently milking the 25x XP that Epic bestowed upon us in celebration of the ‘Labor’ Day weekend.  Some have achieved the lofty heights of Level 100, while some continue to flounder and are possibly wondering if they’ll ever get there – this weekend or any other.

So, I got to thinking, what’s next?  Surely, this is not the last of the mammoth XP weekends?  Epic clearly wants us to get our wings before the sequel comes along.  Short of simply gifting it to us, they must have some more ideas in the *ahem* ‘wings’.  But what could possibly outdo 25x XP?

Now, I’m guessing here, thinking out loud, and no-one has even hinted or mentioned this to me.  Well, no-one, except a friend (who does not work for Epic or work at all) in a Gears lobby, who mentioned that he would not be surprised to see a 100x XP weekend.  And neither would I, but will that be next, or will that be saved until just before Gears of War 3 lands (April 11th 2011, in case you needed reminding)?

What we do know, is that the bonus XP weekends have generally tended to happen on a US holiday, or day of importance, and I think that will continue.  Also, there has been at least a few weeks (even months) between each XP event, so that will probably also continue.  Another thing likely to continue is the twists in the waves of Horde – Boomers only, Tickers with flags, etc.  However, the mostly likely thing to occur is an even bigger XP multiplier next time around.

So where does that leave us?  Well, the next obvious day, for me at least, is Halloween.  Maybe at 31x XP to tie in with the date and run it over the weekend?  And how about Thanksgiving on November 25th?  Possibly the last one of the year with a whopper of around 50x XP? And finally, to end with a bang and bring in Gears of War 3, 100x XP on the weekend of Presidents Day – the 3rd Monday of February?

In the end, consider this wishful thinking and all speculative on my part, because based on my current stats, I’m going to need a lifetime of Horde on regular XP to get to my wings…and I just don’t think I have that time.  I mean, Gears of War 3 is only seven months away.