Gears of War 2 – retail DLC pack scrapped

by Victor ‘rOgue’ Vieira

Gears of War 2 DLC –Was going to be‘Dark Corners’ on the Live Marketplace and the retail pack: ‘The All Fronts Collection’. This has caused such a stir because of DLC cost in MS points, that it’s resulted in the scrapping of the retail pack.

The Dark Corners DLC Pack included seven maps and an extra campaign chapter was originally going to be priced at 1600 MS points. Due to many complaints from those who purchased the current map packs available to download because they were to be included on the retail ‘All Fronts Collection’ for free, ‘Dark Corners’ will now be priced at 1200 MS Points.

The retail pack containing every piece of downloadable content was going to be released on July 28th for $19.99 US / £14.99 UK / €19.99 EU. So every single piece of DLC included was going to be priced around the same as just ‘Dark Corners’ on the Marketplace – so it was a ‘score’ for those that had not spent a MS point yet, which seemed to outrage the Gears fans that bought everything as soon as it was available.

The good news on the other hand is that ‘The All Fronts Collection’ will still be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace and will feature every single piece of DLC including the upcoming ‘Dark Corners’. It will only cost 1600 MS Points.

So basically if you have all the previous DLC, you will be spending 1200 ms points to get the new DLC and 1600 ms points for those who have nothing.

Ermmm…. it still seems expensive for those that have already spent 1200 ms points on the content up to now, so what was the point of scrapping the retail pack. Us ‘Gearsheads’ will still end up having paid more than the casual Gears player.

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