Gears Guardian League – A sneaky Ninja

By Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley

Just as I started writing this and thinking of what to add for the opening paragraph to this interview I realized something… We have a very active, yet very small Gears community in SA! Everyone knows everyone and to some certain extents (after this tourney, you can add more. Personally I’ve added about 10 new guys to my friends list just because of Gears) some of us know each other personally even though we have never seen each other!

One of the few that we all know is Ninjascreed (my Gatsby eating bruvva…). A fun loving young man that plays Gears for Gears and because it’s just plain fun…


  • Right, onto the Gears tourney. Do you play Gears often?

I had a look the other day on raptor and it shows Ive played more than 2 full weeks of Gears of War. That’s a lot of time for one game, I’m on my third disc of Gears already!

  • What is your favorite mode in Gears: Execution, Annex etc ?

MEATFLAG!!!! YEAH!!! Tis an unsung heroes mode, nobody wants to play though! It’s also a brilliant mode to get lots and lots and lots of XP over our Northern rivals in Public!!HEHEHE!

  • Weapon of choice?

Ever faithful hammerburst, gotten me out of many a situation. I don’t smack……..alot.

  • What do you think about the whole Guardian tourney that has been organized? Would you play again if one got organized?

The Gears Tournaments organized in the past always left an unsavory taste in many mouths and put everybody off participating in another tournement. OAP handled everything extremely well (scores, game schedules). You guys really raised the bar here!!! Well done to Mr O’Shea and co!

GZ  really enjoyed playing and being a part of this tourney and I can vouch for all the guys in the clan by saying we would relish another one!!

  • Do you guys follow a strategy or just play for the sake of it? Does each team member have a specific job?

Ground Zero is all about the K/D son!! Nah kidding, we went out there and had some fun. Black Axe was an awesome de facto leader. We took a more in you facial area approach and that suited Vegeta and Google extremely well. They thoroughly clicked the very first time they played together!!!! Got to say thank you to the guys – Axe, Omega, Vegeta, Bulla, The One and Google…YEAH!!! Bullet we miss you man!

And by the way Chainsaw’s for the win! RRRRATATATA!!

  • Who is your nemesis in Gears, that one dude that sits like a thorn in your side…?

Oh my word, I’m a friend to all my man! Or I would like to think so?

  • Do you use the term “wooosaaaa” a lot when playing Gears?

Not really but I use a couple other words especially a lotta French when I’m at the wrong end of the shotgun!

  • How long have you been on the Gears scene?

Been playing since Gears 1 – non stop! Since I found the SA XBOX360 community I’ve met some really neat lads and ladies who make Gears a most excellent mp video game to play every single night.

  • How often do you and your team mate’s play together as team?

Every single night!!! Ground Zero has a great bunch of guys. It’s like having a family without having to feed them. We have been around for almost 2 years now and it feels like I’ve known the guys my entire life. Would definitely die a little for them… Gears that is!

  • Your most memorable moment in Gears?

This is a no brainer –Google Space’s epic grenade!!! It was total chaos, dogs and cats living together, riots in the streets, mass hysteria!!!! The frag in question took out all but 1 player on Waystation. Noman Kaapie would have been so proud!!! [I was witness to this and also killed in the blast, it was nothing short of EPIC!!! – Wild Zombie]

  • Your favourite map?  Why?

Aar man, everybody loves to hate it but “Day One” is the gem amongst the rocks. Awesome vantage points both sides, lovely fast paced actioney map!!!! It’s the map I practice horde on daily and nightly when I’m not in the MP! Plus it’s the only map where you get a 6th player on your side!

  • What really peeves you of in a MP game of Gears?

Being left to die when I’m DBNO in Guardian. Shouting into a pillow till my next round actually helps.

  • When I grow up I wanna play like…?

Like Vandal and Co, they are after all the leetest of them all!!

  • When did you start gaming?

Always had an uncle or older cousin who gamed. Golden China’s were strewn through my house from a young age. My first experience though was Street Fighter 2 at the game shop on the corner that would make a gamer for almost 20 years.

  • What was your first game?

Mario bros will always have a place in my heart. Everybody who is a gamer has played Mario on their 11 in 1 [for the younger readers. This was a gem to have. It was a game cartridge that had, you guessed it 11 games on! – Wild Zombie] and enjoyed it.

  • Which games do you normally dominate in?

Games where nobody fights back, I don’t like confrontations really. I prefer ring toss on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Favourite game of 2010 thus far?

Really enjoyed Red Dead Redemption, oh man what an awesome masterpiece!! The map (OMG) was a real eye opener of how far video games have come in the last 20 or so years!

  • Gatsby – that is the question. The ultimate baguette with chips, tomatoes, lettuce, hot sauce and…. What is your flavor?!

HAHAHAHA!!!!! WOOOOO………A good ol grilled Masala Steak Gatsby with 4 pieces of mozzarella cheese, 5 eggs sunnyside up. A little Tabasco sauce, Cheese and Chives powder and hint of BBQ and Perinaise (Peri-peri powder and mayonnaise sauce strewn together). Some places add too much and then it gets a bit messy. Neatly cut into 3 pieces served with a refreshing Coke with crushed ice and a dash of lemon. [Dear Readers, this is the epiphany of Gatsby’s. I have never heard of such a masterpiece, ever! – Wild Zombie]

  • Number 1 Cape Town Gatsby take away (this question is for my personal use too…)

My man I would love to say Wembley’s in Belgravia road, Athlone – but it’s this little gem in my hometown of Kensington called Fish Den!!! Nearly died from the overwhelming spices and tastes. The Steak melted like it was Flora butter!!!!! [that is where you’ll find me this weekend then… – Wild Zombie]

  • Describe yourself in 5 words.

The greatest person I know

It is very clear that Ninja, the Gatsby Muncher has respect (and is an addict – 2 weeks is a long time to be playing MP) for his fellow clannies/friends in and out of Ground Zero and this portrays throughout the whole Clan and on to the rest of the Gears Clan community. If you have a Clan that plays together as much as they do, they will eventually know each other’s strong points and weak points and assist where necessary (TEC-9 comes to mind here as well). I must say, it is always a pleasure to play Ground Zero – fun, laid back and with a hint of smacktalk.

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