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By Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley

Ever wondered what it would be like if your better half was just as much of a gaming freak as you are? We seemed to have found the perfect combination of understanding one another, knowing each other and enjoying games together (not that type guys, contain yourselves, pa-lease).

We scratched the surface on these two a bit to delve deeper into the minds of what makes a gaming couple tick and to find out what they thought about the ongoing Gears Tourney. As one can expect LittleG’s answers were short and to the point, like a man should do (we even do this when shopping…) and Shorty, well, let’s just say was a bit more “coloured in” (just the same as a woman’s way of shopping).  [Sexist male pig – Totally disgusted (Undead) Ed :D]

I sent them the exact same questions, BUT, I asked them to answer in secret and not let the other one see his/her answers…Shorty in red and LittleG in blue


  • Do you guys play Gears often?

S – You could say that, lol, we play Gears almost every day!

G – I have received messages from people asking ‘do you have any other games?’ I think that should tell you, yes we play often.  Couple of nights a week at least.

  • What is your favourite mode in Gears, Execution, Annex etc ?

S –  Guardian cause I can die and respawn but I hate being the leader…

G – Execution and Guardian for me.

  • Weapon of choice?

S – Mah shotgun 😀

G – Standard – Shotty (use the Hammerburst as the alternate).

Power – Usually Torque Bow is my first choice, pretty handy with a boom shot (who isn’t LOL).  Really been trying to get the hang of the Long Shot but I get more kills using it as a bat rather than a sniper so I don’t think that counts

  • What do you think about the whole Guardian tourney that has been organized? Would you play again if one got organized?

S – It’s been awesome so far, lotsa fun, well done and thanks to Dredd for organizing it!! Yes I would definitely play again.

G – Organization from Dredd has been good, where stuff falls apart is between the teams themselves but that’s the norm. Would I play again? Yeah I will.

  • How did it come that the BOTH of you enjoy Gears sooo much?

S – I came home from work one day just after 4pm after G had gotten Gears 2 and he asked me to help them on Horde.  So being the good (future) wife that I am, I helped him.  We only stopped playing about 6 hours later cause we were starving and had completely missed dinner!  After split screening for a while we decided that it would be best for our relationship if we got another Xbox and put another TV in the lounge 😉

G – Gears is fun, but it’s the lobbies that make the game for me, all the banter and jokes amongst the regulars is what keeps us coming back


  • Who is your nemesis in Gears, that one dude that sits like a thorn in your side…?

Shorty – Vandal!  I love having shotgun battles with him even though he owns me 9 out of 10 times!!  It’s all in good fun though, nothing serious…

G – There are lots of guys I have good battles with, none which I think are my nemesis, I would rather say there are certain connections that just don’t seem to adhere to the same rules as others…  I do like owning Doc though.

  • Do you have to sleep on the couch if you’ve pawned your partner when not in the same team?

S – Lol no, G does sometimes gets dagger looks and the occasional smack when he deliberately comes after me and keeps killing me… maybe some choice words and threats too if he double smacks deliberately and lays down some serious law 😛

G – I would have to have a comfy couch if that was the case haha!

  • Complete the phrase: “the chainsaw is….”

S – awesome every now and again and good for a laugh

G – Good for a laugh every once in a while, but it gets old quick.

  • Do you think you two work good as a team on and off the battlefield?

S – In Gears (specifically Wingman) I would say not so much because we have different styles of playing but it’s getting better 😀 Off the field, definitely, especially in a game like 30 seconds cause were on the same wave length and understand each other.

G – Not actually, we have very different playing styles and they do not complement each other so we tend to actually get each other killed more often than not.  This tends to raise the tension and compound the problem.  Off the field it’s not much different with us having different views on how to get stuff done, but we know how to work around our differences.

  • Any pointers for other guys wanting to get their better half to join them?

S –  I think that it would be more difficult to get your other half to join you if they are not really a gamer to begin with, so I would suggest doing something with them that they like or enjoy first and then asking them to join you in playing.  If they are a gamer you could try that as well by first playing a game they like or just rope them in unsuspectingly like G did to me!!

G – Don’t do it!

Just kidding, fun times can be had but be warned it can get frustrating and cause tension…

  • When did you start gaming?

S – When I was 4 or 5 – my sisters let me play on their Atari and then I got my own console which was some Japanese family game station thingy with tiny little controllers and no way to save!!  I still have it packed away Lol

G – Atari at friends, very easy basic PC games in late 80’s, Generic SNES was my first console back in the early 90’s.

  • Why the name Shorty?

S – Because I’m short…… 1.51m tall – been called Shorty all my life, even some teachers and coaches knew me by that name 😀

  • Why the name Little GSA?

G – LittleG has been my forum nick for many years, G is the first letter of my surname. Before wising up on the forum about getting past region restrictions I created a tag L1TTL36 under South Africa but it has never been used as a result.  So I then settled on just going with LittleGSA, not thinking that it should have been ZA rather than SA.

  • Gaming food of choice (what keeps you going at 00:00 in the night)?

S –  Coffee or Coke and Pizza!!

G – Pizza rocks, but I hate greasy controllers so I try not eat and play at the same time, Shorty has on occasion fed me mid race (FM3) which has resulted in some interesting times.

  • Describe yourself in 5 words.

S –  Short, loud, friendly, honest, perfectionist

G – Easy go lucky that’s me

  • OK, how good do you know each other, what is Shorty/Little G’s  fave colour?

S – (Mine is) Blue, G’s (is) Grey

G – Shorty’s (is) Blue, (mine is) Grey/Silver

  • Favourite food?

S – I have lots but probably tuna-chips, steak, egg and chips and pasta! All lekker and fattening!! G –  Jardinera – probably spelt wrong but it’s a Porra Stew and Lasagna

G – Shorty Steak egg and Chips.  Mine – Jardineira Portuguese dish, stew type meal.

  • Favourite holiday spot?

S – Anywhere hot by the sea :D, Mozambique and I loved Paris!!  G – Mozambique or London  – Planning to go to Thailand on Honeymoon so this might change soon!!

G – S – Anywhere with a Beach and a Pool.  Mine – Much the same, Mozambique rocks.

  • How did you two meet? Was it love at first sight or “ugh, what a nerd”?

S – We met on a street corner, lol – I kid you not!!  I was walking home from a friend’s house one Sunday afternoon and G and another guy came riding past on their BMXs with a mutual friend, (we were 15 so no cars yet!) so obviously we stopped to chat for a bit and there was an instant attraction.  Yes it was like love at first sight even though we only managed to get together a couple of months later.  And we have been together ever since which is over 11 years now 😀

G – On a street corner, seriously.  She stayed across the road from one of my best mates house, we were riding our bikes while she was walking home and the rest is as they say history.

As I went through these answers and edited them for Zombiegamer (my boss is a perfectionist, hey Clint?! – [I am…(Undead) Ed]) I could not help but notice how alike Shorty and G are. You can see why they get along so well and enjoy each other’s company so much, they just click and know each other personally! I’m sure there are a fair few amount of guys jealous of G for having such a cool soon-to-be wife that likes to game just as much as he does. It is a sad fact that gaming is dominated by guys…but the girls are starting to pull through. Who knows, your future dream girlfriend could be PWNing you in your favourite game….

On an ending note, Rui and Cheri, a huge congratulations again on your future wedding and we all hope you two will grow old and happy together!