Gears 2_ThumbBy Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley

Come one, come all.  This is where it is going down for the next 9 weeks! Seeing as DOgaming/AGASA failed to think of the “other” shooter game aka Gears of War (yes, there is another shooter besides COD), one of our community members and boss man of OAP, Clint O’Shea aka dreddsix6six, has taken it upon himself to organise a local Gears Of War 2 tournament for the diehard fans.  There was a huge response, some well known names came to the game and some new names popped up and a total of 10 teams will battle it out in a point-a-game ladder for the next 9 weeks with the top two teams to play in a final to determine a winning team.

This week, we have the big cheese, Clint under the spotlight and asked him a few questions about his thoughts/feelings regarding the Gears Guardian League taking place.  This is what he had to say…

How long have you been playing Gears 2?  Do you still enjoy it?

I’ve been playing it since it was released in, erm, when was it released again?  Seems like forever… In fact, it is the first game I ever played online on my 360.  Got introduced to its wonders and promptly got destroyed by players much better than me.  I still hate the bloody game… 🙂


What made you decide to organise a tourney?

Too many drugs (that’s a joke, conservative readers)…and the lack of a Gears Tournament from DoGaming.  The Gears community seemed to want one and last year, I (mostly) enjoyed AGASA.  Myself and Sinisterhealer (from SoC) each organised a Wingman tourney last year, and the support was great, so my (alter) ego got the better of me and I thought I could do something bigger and better this year…


Was working out and organising schedules harder than you thought?

It is a little more work than I thought it would be, but I am a little bit of a control freak, so want everything neat and organised.  I am just waiting for someone to burst that bubble – then I’ll cry in the corner.


Were you glad at the initial response of willing players/teams?  Did you expect it?

I am pleasantly surprised with the response.  Originally, I was expecting around 5 teams to enter, but the number is now 10, and it’s been awesome to see a lot of new faces (and some old ones too) taking part.  The Gears regulars seemed to generally get behind it from the start and the support came flooding in…except from the sponsors.



Would you organise something like this again in the near future?

Absolutely.  I have a greater vision for the release of Gears 3 that will be based on this format, but run for a longer period.  Essentially, imagine a Premier League of Gears.  Home and Away games(each team plays each other twice, each one hosts).  3 points for a win.  1 point for a draw (even number of maps rather than an odd number).  Four to six months.  And hopefully a decent sponsorship.

I’m clearly taking too many drugs…



Who do you think are the main contenders to take number one spot in this tourney?  Why do you reckon so?

Any team I play for…

Originally I thought SoC and Shotgun Clowns would be the top two sides, and I still think that might be the case.  Both were great performers in last year’s AGASA and have some very skillful players.  However, I think a dark horse in the tourney is Capital Punishment – they beat the Clowns in their game, so who knows?  Of course, there are OAP’s two sides, but their performance is dependent on a lot of factors.  Have they taken their Salusa 45?  Have they had enough sleep before the match?  Have they had enough to drink?

Obviously, the newer guys might come along and surprise us all (it happened in the soccer this year), so I think it’s actually a tough one to call.



Seeing as you will be playing a lot of Gears for the next err, month or 2, do you reckon you will still have some love left for Gears?

See my answer to the first question…I hate the game…I like the chainsaw tho’.  Makes me feel like a man.  A homicidal man, but a man none the less.  Although, I have now overplayed ‘Barbie Fashion Show’ on the PC, so, I think I’ll still find time for the COGs.

I will admit after AGASA last year, I really (seriously) hated the game for a while.  Then I got grenade tagged by a team mate one fun night, and I found my passion again.



Based on your thoughts and the response you got from the community do you think another successful tourney could be held?

Yes.  And yes again.  It’s the community support that makes this sort of thing successful.  Yeah, some mug organises a few games, pretends he has a handle on everything, but if people don’t want to play, then there’s nothing to organise – and the people clearly want to play.  So a mug is needed.  I’m your mug.  Cheers.

So there you have it, straight from the man himself.  He seems a bit of a control freak, but in a good way.  Keeping tabs on 10 teams, scores, games to be played and who vs who, I think a control freak is needed for such events.  It makes the Gears community proud to know there are still guys out there that want to make the game fun for other people.  Big ideas such as the Gears Premier League is what keeps a community driving for more.  If you are a regular, such as myself, to the Gears lobbies, you may have noticed that running up to the actual Guardian Tourney how many people have started to play again.  A month ago you where lucky to fill up a lobby, 2 weeks ago you where lucky to get into one of the 5 lobbies already going!!!  So social events like these do pull the players together to want more and have fun while doing so…

All I can say is….Clint, we salute you!