Gears Guardian League – A round up

A little over a week ago, the chainsaws fell silent in the South African Gears Guardian League, leaving Jacinto strewn with bodies – both Locust and COG.  In what can only be described as a perfect ending, two teams tied for the top spot having both won eight out of their nine games, but it came right down to the last round robin game of them all.

Ten teams started the journey to be crowned the Gears Guardian Champions of SA (trademark is pending, but unlikely) and the two left standing and needing to compete in a “final” are The Shotgun Clowns and Capital Punishment.  However, due to some of the players needing to attend to a rather fantastic Modern Warfare 2 Tournament and rather less fantastic exams, the final will be happening at a later date, yet to be decided.

One of the great things about the SA Gears of War community is the attitude of the players.  Everyone appears to be enjoying themselves, except when Holden has the sniper or Vandal remembers where the ‘B'(ash) button is (of course, laughter is what pulls one through) and I would like to congratulate and thank everyone for carrying this spirit into what many might perceive as ‘competitive’ gaming.  In the end, it was an absolute pleasure to organise the League and I will (some say stupidly) organise another one.  Or at the very least one when Gears of War 3 lands.

Final standings after all round robin games: