Breakfast Wrap 03Hello humans. And any zombies and gamers out there too. Welcome to another edition of the Gaming News Wrap.


The latest Battlefield 4 update has brought with it ‘Classic Mode’. Details of what exactly that is about can be found here.

EA has announced the Battlefield 4 Premium Edition. The bundle will come with the game, give expansion packs and other items and will be available for PC from 21 October (£39.99), and from 24 October for PS4, Xbox One (£54.99) and PS3 (£39.99) via digital download. [More…]

There will be no DLC for the Xbox 360 version of Forza Horizon 2. The Forza Rewards benefits will also only be available for the Xbox One version of the game. [More…]

The PS Plus version of DriveClub has been temporarily delayed to ensure that they can deliver “a dynamic and socially connected racing game” which is not possible as the servers are being pushed “to their absolute limits.” [via Facebook]

The PC version of GRiD Autosport will be getting “experimental” support for the Oculus Rift in an update, details of which can be found here.

A number PS4 users have come to light who are experiencing issues downloading Alien Isolation‘s Crew Expendable pre-order DLC. The Creative Assembly are looking into it. [via Twitter]

If you want to add Oculus Rift support to Alien Isolation, then a smartypants has you sorted. Head here to ensure the game will scare the hell out of you even more.

Twin-stick shooter, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, will launch for Steam, PS3 and PS4 on 25 November, and for Xbox 360 and Xbox One on 26 November. It will cost $14.99 and is a digital title. [More…]

Octodad: Dadliest Catch will get its free “Shorts” DLC next week in its v1.03 patch. The patch will be available to PS4 users in the US, Steam, the Humble Store and GOG on 14 October, while the European PSN users will need to wait until the following day.

Sales & Discounts

A sale has started on the EU PS Store which offers 119 games over the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita on discount until 22 October. Full details can be found here.

Dragon Age: Origins is now available for free via Origin until 14 October. [More…]

Consoles & Hardware

A white Xbox One bundle for Halo: The Master Chief Collection has made an appearance at the Brazil Game Show.

The Plex app is now available for Xbox One as a free download. For now, it is only available to subscribers of the Plex Pass ($4.99 a month or $39.99 a year) and a paid version of the app (not requiring a subscription) will be available at a later date, as will an Xbox 360 version.


DICE’s David Sirland has admitted that they lost trust with players due to Battlefield 4‘s launch and the continued issues that followed in the early period after.

A number of former Irrational Games members have announced their new Kickstarter game called The Flame in the Flood. The game will be released for PC and Mac should the $150,000 target be reached.

A Chinese mobile game has uploaded some 35,959 private videos to the internet without warning the players or getting their permission. This included nude videos, which have been removed, as has the video sharing in the game. [More…]


The EU PS Store update – which is now live – didn’t bring DriveClub as expected but there’s still plenty of other items available including Alien Isolation, Sleeping Dogs and more. Details on the PlayStation Blog.

PS4 gameplay for Resident Evil HD Remastered.

A Hockenheim Hot Lap from F1 2014.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris will feature four player co-op.

What’s new in Football Manager 2015? Around 25 minutes of new things actually.