Breakfast Wrap 02Ever wonder if we will break this vicious cycle of the daily grind?  It’s something we think about every day here, and mull over it while enjoying our  breakfast braaaaaiiiiiiinnnnssss.  Let the news comfort you so long.

Multiple reports are suggesting that Microsoft will reveal its new console on 21 May.  The console will launch in November and will set you back a whopping $500 or $300 with some kind of subscription.  As usual, this is all rumour until Microsoft say otherwise. [via Eurogamer]

Along with the date, Bloomberg is also citing sources which say that there will be no backwards compatibility in the next-generation Xbox due to the “shift to the so-called x86 format”.  It also reports that AMD has been selected to supply a “system-on-a-chip that combines powerful ‘Jaguar’ central processing units with graphics chips”.

Ubisoft Motreal has said developing for the PS4 is “a really pleasant surprise”.  This is not the first time that a developer has applauded Sony’s change in architecture, and bodes well for the gamer when the PS4 hits. [via CVG]

Microsoft has announced that it had sold off its IPTV business Mediaroom to Ericsson.  Apparently MS is planning to focus all of its TV resources on a new, cloud-based entertainment platform for Xbox. [via Eurogamer]

A new patch for Skyrim (1.9) has been released on PC and Xbox 360, with PS3 getting the patch today sometime.  The patch “effectively removes the overall level cap”.  You can read more on Eurogamer.

A demo for Fuse is coming, and will be released closer to the game’s release date (28 May).  Insomniac Games has also said the game will not require an online pass, nor will it support micro-transactions.  Winners.

The ‘Castle’ Map Pack is now available for download for Halo 4.  The DLC costs 800MS Points without a Pass.  Speaking of which, on Friday 12 April, you can pick up the Halo 4 War Games Pass and some older Map Packs at a discounted rate.  The Pass will be 1600MS Points for Friday only. [via Major Nelson]

Harmonix has announced the removal of some DLC Rock Band songs from their Rock Band Store due to the license agreement having expired since the commencement of DLC purchases five years ago.  Some of the first content affected is the Metallica Pack 01, which been removed from the store, with removal from Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation store in the “near future”.  Harmonix is working on extending the licenses. [via CVG]

The next game from Thatgamecompany (the developer’s of ‘Journey’) will “change the industry in a really positive way,” according to one of the studio’s former game designers.  We, the game buying public, will decide that thank you. [via CVG]

A new trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV has been released.  Sadly it’s more about a poster you can get for pre-ordering the game from GameStop.  It is however, a poster by Todd McFarlane…

A new trailer for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 bound The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has been released and focuses on the Rage and Power-up System.

StarCraft: Ghost may still one day be released.  A senior Blizzard designer has suggetsed that the shelved PS2 action game was never cancelled, but simply “on hold”. [via OPM]

Ex- Gears of War producer Rod Fergusson has quit his position at Irrational Games.  With BioShock Infinite shipped, he says he’s “done what I set out to do here”.  He has not said what he plans to do next. [via Polygon]