Breakfast Wrap 06Today, we need a lot of brains and coffee. But we didn’t want to frighten you so we’re offering you a breakfast wrap to go with your coffee and gaming news.


Consoles & Hardware



  • Tom Clancy’s The Division – Cinematic and Gameplay TV Spot

  • The Division Data Mining | All the Missions DLC Weapons, New Possible Faction, Audio Files

  • Dying Light: The Following – Enhance Edition | Community Map 4-Pack trailer

  • Killer Instinct: Season 3 ~ Tusk Trailer

  • Battleborn ~ Kleese and El Dragon Skills Overview

  • Project CARS – Game of the Year Edition Trailer

  • The Power of DirectX 12

  • .60 Dev Log / Central Economy [DayZ]

  • Thimbleweed Park Ray Trailer

  • Skywind – Official Development Video #4