News Wrap 03Good morning. It’s a brain filling edition today… just how we like it…

A proposed split between the electronics and entertainment arms of Sony has been rejected by the company. [More on CVG]

Another Sony “classic” is getting an HD remake according to a job advert for Bluepoint Games, the team behind God of War HD Collection. [More on PlayStation Lifestyle]

Should you wish to – and should you own copies of a game both on Xbox 360 and Xbox One – you can earn both sets of Achievements. However, “on the Xbox One version, you’re getting a much richer set of features, such as seeing your achievements progress on the Xbox One console, being able to unlock new achievements throughout the year, and earning real prizes inside and outside of the game.” [More on Eurogamer]

Some new information about Dragon Age: Inquisition has been revealed via Game Informer: “Large and varied environments, customisable armor, and the return of multiple player races are just a few of the ways BioWare is addressing feedback from previous titles in order to shape a new future for the franchise.” This, plus mounts for the first time in the series. [More on AllGamesBeta]

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag features a naval open world which will take you half an hour to sail across but there will be activities and side missions to distract you. Game director Ashraf Ismail: “The story and narrative itself will last 15-20 hours, but we’re hoping that people got lost in the Caribbean world, in the toybox we’ve created.” [More on Eurogamer]

Current-gen Call of Duty: Ghosts is benefiting from next-gen development and the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will not be a port. In the same interview, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin also said that it’s in the best interest for gaming in general for competing shooters to succeed – saying they as developers want Battlefield 4 to succeed, contrary to the marketing department’s angle… [More on GI International]

Bungie is hoping that it can ensure that players with a “toxic behaviour” can be kept out of Destiny by designing  their game to ensure that the “social experience is one where if the players aren’t co-operating or communicating effectively it doesn’t ruin anyone’s experience.” [More on Edge]

More Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC is due to be announced today.

Dishonored ‘Game of the Year’ edition has been outed by the Australian Classification Board. [More on CVG]

There will be no cross-platform play between PC and PS4 in Planetside 2 due to delayed patch approval for the console version of the game which leads to syncing issues with the two versions. [More on CVG]

There isn’t a cricket game in ages, and then three come along at once. Don Bradman Cricket 14. Although, it might only be the Australian version of Big Ant’s Cricket 14 announced last week. Why they should confuse things regionally is beyond us. [More on Eurogamer]

Payday 2 will be out on Steam next Tuesday (13 August). UK and South Africa can expect the game on Xbox 360 and PS3 on 16 August.

Remember the THQ Saints Row 3 marketing campaign which used porn star Tera Patrick? Well, Google it, but Saints Row 4 associate producer Kate Nelson has said the use of porn stars and penthouse girls as marketing gimmicks “didn’t really fit in with what Saints Row is at heart”. To be honest, they don’t really fit for any game. [More on Edge]

Square Enix has posted a first quarter loss after a “comprehensive review” of work-in-progress by the company. Not entirely sure what that means, but if you want to find out more, head over here.

One of the games delayed by this review is Murdered: Soul Suspect, which Square Enix says will only be out after March 2014. [More on GameSpot]

The PS Vita has received a firmware update. For full details of update 2.60, head to Exophase.

Nintendo are hoping to see a return to form by March 2014. That’s the aim of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. [More on CVG]


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