Breakfast Wrap 02Hello. Is that the long weekend over now? How sad. Maybe the Gaming News Wrap will be a glimmer of hope in another work week then.


Quantum Break has been officially pushed back to 2016 – which is probably not a huge surprise to anyone, but still a disappointment none-the-less. [More…]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will allow you to swim or sail to a number of islands. These are in addition to the already massive mainland featured in the game. 19 May (or 22 May in SA) can’t come soon enough. [More…]

The first patch for Battlefield Hardline will address a number of issues, including nerfing the drivable couch. Full patch notes are available here.

The bosses of Bloodborne reportedly become easier to defeat if you leave your console running for 12 hours or more.

Details of the latest patch for Destiny (1.1.2.) is available here. The patch focuses on fixes for Raids and Strikes, as well as dealing with ‘away from keyboard’ issues. Details of ‘House of Wolves’ – such as the release date – are promised for this month still.

Free-to-play shooter Warface has been updated with new game modes. There is a new multiplayer mode, as well as a co-op mod, weapons, kit and more.

If you live near the EA Redwood Shores and EA Canada studios you will be able to sign up for a playtest of Star Wars Battlefront scheduled for 10 April. [via Facebook]

The NBA 2K14 servers have been shut down and taken players’ save files with them. This is contrary to the original announcement that save files would be unaffected. [More…]

H1Z1 has recieved a “Big Damn Patch” which is larger than usual and brings about plenty of changes. Full patch details can be found here.

WoW Tokens will be available from today, and will allow World of Warcraft players to buy subscriptions with in-game gold. The tokens will only be available in selected regions on debut. [More…]

Halo Online has been modded for use outside of Russia, and despite copyright breeches, the modders will continue to leak the game. [More…]

Sales & Discounts

This week’s Deals with Gold sees Forza Horizon 2 in various flavours discounted on Xbox One, while the Xbox 360 sees plenty of older titles including F1 2014, Serious Sam, Th King of Fighters and more discounted.


The ongoing Konami/Kojima on-again/off-again relationship appears to have altered again. After removing Hideo Kojima’s name from all Metal Gear Solid titles recently, Konami has added his name back for some of the titles again. All this drama while some just want Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to release. [More…]

Crytek has reportedly signed a ‘huge’ licencing deal with Amazon, but neither company if willing to comment on the rumour.

The Tomb Raider reboot has sold a total of 8.5 million copies since its release in March of 2013. The sales covers all platforms – including the Definitive Edition release. [via Press Release]


The Xbox One April update is rolling out and brings party chat improvements, Achievement notifications and more.

IGN First is covering The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt this month, and to celebrate, they’ve posted the first 15 minutes of the game.

A viral marketing campaign for the next Call of Duty title has kicked off in Black Ops 2. Posters in the multiplayer game have seen ‘Snapchat’ QR codes added. [More…]

Goro gets trailered in this new Mortal Kombat X video. You can also catch a number of videos from the most recent MKX Kombat Kast stream here.

And if one Mortal Kombat X video wasn’t enough, then have a launch trailer.

Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster trailer takes you back to Spira.

Feel completely inadequate as you watch a player player defeat Bloodborne without leveling up or without using guns against the bosses… Just one of the videos can be found below, the rest are available on BOYvsVIDEOGAME’s YouTube Channel.

Someone has recreated a BioShock scene using the CryEngine 3.

Watch another trailer for Dragon’s Dogma Online and wish it was heading west.

Diablo 3 in third person. Yes, please. [via Kotaku]

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been delayed until the summer of (not ’69) 2016. [More…]

If you missed the finals of the Call of Duty Championship, this video by YouTuber Alex brings you the highlights.

GTA V for PC gets a new (60fps) trailer.