News Wrap 05Good morning. “I wish it was Monday.” – not said by anyone ever on a Friday. Or any other day of the week for that matter.

Microsoft were expecting controversy over their always-online Xbox One announcement, but were surprised by “how negative” the reaction ended up being. In an interview with Rev3Games, Microsoft’s Albert Penello did go on to say that an all-digital future was an inevitable one. The full video interview can be watched here.

The Achievements for FIFA 14 have been revealed on Xbox 360 Achievements. You can check them out, because there aren’t really any spoilers.

Sony has opened PS3 registrations for the closed beta of Dark Souls 2. You can sign up here. However, it’s only open to North America and Europe/Australasia and the first round of the beta will start on 12 October, with the second round starting on 27 October.

Development sources have told GamesIndustry International that Sony’s PS4 VR headset is due for release in the Autumn of 2014. The headset is also apparently more accurate than the Oculus Rift. Sony also appears to have shelved plans to publicly showcase the headset at TGS as previously rumoured.

Respawn is warning that Titanfall beta invites are scams. Don’t sign-up… you have been warned.

Rebellion Games is announcing a new project later today. The teaser suggests you are heading ‘Back to Berlin’ which could mean Sniper Elite 3 is sending you to Berlin. Or they’re planning something brand new.

A global Ghost Recon Online tournament has been announced by Ubisoft and the ESL and NESL. The seven week tournament kicks off on 15 September and offers a cash prize pool of €2,500. Details and registration can be found here.

CVG have an interview up with Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg in which he discusses GTA, Nintendo, taking risks and trolling.


The Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack for Saints Row IV is available this week for $2.99. Not too sure why tho’…

The trailer for the ‘Demolition Derby’ DLC for GRID 2.

The third (of four) in the developer diaries for Beyond: Two Souls. A demo for the game will be out in October.

A ten minute narrated walkthrough for Assassin’s Creed IV.

A Ryse: Son of Rome developer diary about combat and showing some actual gameplay.

Some Drive Club PS4 footage. Quite a bit actually.

Dead Nation developer – Housemarque – has released a video that hints at a Dead Nation sequel coming to the PS4.

Disney Infinity gets new Toy Boxes which pay homage – or even spoof – franchises like BioShock, Tron and Star Wars.

iOS exclusive Call of Duty: Strike Team has been released for the price of £4.99 / $6.99. The game is a mixture of first-person and third-person shooting gameplay, and allows players to transition between them to engage in ground-level combat and also co-ordinate tactical squad strategies.

The real life Mirror’s Edge. Don’t try this at home. Obviously.

South Africa

The MSSA South African Dota 2 team will be taking on Mexico this weekend, and the match should be streamed online on 8 September. [Source]