Gaming News Wrap [5 May 2015]

Breakfast Wrap 02The Gaming News Wrap – trying to brighten your day one gaming news snippet at a time.


A new planet will make an appearance in Star Wars Battleground. The planet Sullust is a “lava planet” with “black sharp rocks, huge land shifts, red lava, turquoise lakes, and white smoke… everything to make it really colorful yet imposing and threatening.” 12 multiplayer maps are promised for the game’s release. [More…]

343 Industries has promised that Halo 5: Guardians won’t be marred by the same issues as Halo: The Master Chief Collection. [More…]

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be getting a multiplayer expansion this week, and it will be free to all. Dragonslayer will see you facing (you guessed it) dragons, and will also feature three new playable characters and the all-new Ferelden castle. The DLC will be available from today.

IGN got their hands on Rock Band 4 and they’re suggesting it might be the “last music game you’ll ever need”. The latest edition to the series will feature drummer count-in, vocal harmonies, an RPG-like campaign and more.

Sales & Discounts

This week’s Deals with Gold and other sale items on the Xbox Store have been revealed. Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity get 45% off on the Xbox One versions of the game, while a variety of Call of Duty, Far Cry and BioShock games and items are discounted on the Xbox 360. [More…]

Consoles & Hardware

PlayStation Now subscriptions will be available for PS3 on 12 May. In the US only of course. [More…]

Still hankering after more Star Wars, then these might just be the Xbox One controllers you were looking for. But they’re only concepts. Sorry for you. [via Twitter]

Star Wars Xbox One Controllers


DOOM co-creator John Romero has said that he believes “mod makers should be able to make money from their creations.” In fact it’s something he has thought should be done since as far back as 1995 and Quake.

Spark Unlimited has stopped developing games after 11 years of doing so. The studio – who developed Lost Planet 3, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z and others – look set to continue but will focus on other non-video game projects. [More…]


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood has a gameplay video. And the game itself is out this week.

Project CARS has a launch trailer… because it launches this Friday.

Jason Voorhees will join the cast Mortal Kombat X today – but only if you have the Kombat Pack, otherwise you will need to wait until 12 May. PC players can also expect a patch tomorrow which should bring the performance up to that of the console versions of the game.

But what about the Predator then? Well he’s heading to Mortal Kombat X too, as this tease reminds us.

GTA V for PC has a gravity gun, and it wins the internet this week. [via VG24/7]

Real-world rally driver Kevin Abbring has taken on one of Dirt Rally‘s daily events. We suggest you watch a pro in action.