Breakfast Wrap 03Good morning. It is just another Gaming News Wrap on another Wednesday in another week of your life. But it’s also completely different to every other Wednesday edition of the Gaming News Wrap too. Woah.


A few specials kick off for Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the Xbox Game Store. The specials end on 10 March and include Call of Duty Ghosts (33% off on Xbox One and Xbox 360), Assassin’s Creed IV (33% off on Xbox 360), I Am Alive and Call of Juarez Gunslinger (75% off on Xbox 360) and more. [More on Major Nelson]

Now that the final game in Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy has been confirmed as Batman Arkham Knight, rumours of the release date follows. GameStop might be considered more than a rumour, as a poster of theirs indicates a US release date of 14 October 2014.

The Achievements for Titanfall have been revealed, and features 35 Achievements totaling the 1000 Gamerscore. Check out the full list here.

A new PS4 update for Battlefield 4 has been released. As always, the patch brings crash fixes, stability improvements and weapon tweaks, among other additions. The full list of fixes are available on Battlelog.

There are new Call of Duty Ghosts personalisation packs available to download now. The four packs are: Makarov Legend Pack (£3.49/$3.99), Zakhaev Special Character (£1.69/$1.99), Hazmat Special Character (£1.69/$1.99) and Rorke Special Character (£1.69/$1.99).

The latest content update for GTA Online – The ‘Business Update’ – is now available for download on PSN and XBL. Three new cars, a new airplane, two new weapons and clothing form part of the pack. 14 new Jobs have also been created and released as part of the ‘Business Pack’ theme. [More on Rockstar Newswire]

The release dates for Murdered: Soul Suspect has been confirmed. The game will be out on 3 June in the US, and 6 June in Europe.

Multiplayer has been added to Peggle 2 on Xbox One with the latest update. The update weighs in at around 1.6GB, and offers four options: Smart Match (an online duel against strangers), Private Peg Party (duels for a group of friends online), Private Duel (duel for two friends online) and Local Duel (local multiplayer).

The Xbox 360 version of Peggle 2 will be out on 7 May and will include the multiplayer mode.

The Project Spark beta has launched on Xbox One. If you’re keen to join the already 250,000 players, then you can register here.

Tropico 5 will be out on Xbox 360 and PC in “early summer” [early winter in the Southern Hemisphere], with the PS4 version following “later this year”. [More on AllGamesBeta]

Gabe Newell has said in a recent Reddit AMA that the Source 2 Engine will focus on user-generated content, but did not mention Half-Life 3.

Trion Worlds has had the development of End of Nations on hold since “late 2013”. The company has focused its “energy and creativity on Rift, Defiance, Trove, ArcheAge, and some new projects that we will be revealing soon.” [More on VideoGamer]

Goat Simulator will be released on 1 April. They’re “srs” apparently. [More on AllGamesBeta]


Sony has revealed that global software sales for the PS4 has reached 13.7 million units. Killzone Shadow Fall leads the way with 2.1 million units sold. Overall, the console itself has now topped six million units sold. [More on CVG]

Eidos Montreal – the developer of Thief – has let go of 27 people, as they “set up for current and future projects.” [More on CVG]

More than 92,000 music videos have been added to Xbox Music on the Xbox One. [More on CVG]


According to a report by The Verge, Xbox Live may be expanding to iOS and Android devices.

HBO Go has been released for the PS3 and is available for use to those US gamers who have subscribed to HBO via a home cable provider. HBO and Sony are “working diligently to bring the HBO GO app to PS4”.

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The Xbox One system update has begun rolling out and includes improved matchmaking, new party chat and friends features and more. The full list of updates are available on Major Nelson’s Blog.

It’s the Titanfall launch trailer. The game will be available for PC and Xbox One on 11 March in the US and 13 March in Europe, while the Xbox 360 version will be available on 25 March in the US and 28 March in Europe.

Ten new cars are available for Forza 5 as part of the ‘Alpinestars Car Pack’. The pack costs $9.99/£5.99, or is free to Car Pass holders.