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The official announcement is still meant to happen today, but it appears that the announcement will reveal the released date for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain… which is 1 September 2015 according to a NeoGAF user and their sharp eyes. [More…]

With ‘Heists’ hitting GTA Online next week, Rockstar has also announced a range of new features and enhancements for the game. Daily Objectives, new Adversary Modes, new Freemode Activities and more can be expected on 10 March.

The Winter patch for Battlefield 4 has begun rolling out and improves netcode and soldier collision, as well as tweaking the Squad Obliteration game mode to a 5v5 competitive environment. The patch weighs in at around 1.34GB for Xbox One (and most likely similar on PS4) and 400MB for PC. [More…]

A new Dragon Age: Inquisition patch has been released, with the addition of Party Storage being one that many will be happy to note. There is also “improvements to gameplay and stability, as well as some new features.” Full patch details can be found here.

The latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection patch for the game’s matchmaking has been released. The full patch notes can be found here.

Mad Max will hit PS4, Xbox One and PC on 4 September, and if you pre-order the game, you will receive an additional Magnum Opus car body called ‘The Ripper’.

Mad Max_01

Data Pack 4 for PES 2015 will arrive next week – 12 March to be exact – with the Winter Transfers, new player faces, and additional stadiums. [More…]

Gone Home has been canned for consoles. [More…]

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will be hitting the PS4 in the US on 12 May. The version will include “system-exclusive features and a special pre-order bonus item: an exclusive calendar featuring artwork by the acclaimed artist, Yoshitaka Amano, available at participating retailers and the Square Enix Online Store.” [More…]

Capcom has added support for local co-op in the Story and Raid modes of the PC version of Resident Evil Revelations 2. [More…]

Over 30 developers will be revealing or showing off their upcoming ID@Xbox titles at GDC. Some of the titles heading to the Xbox One in the future are Knight Squad, Gunsport, Aritana & the Harpy’s Feather, Inside My Radio, Anarcute, Screencheat, Tower of Guns, Tumblestone, Smite and Soul Axiom. [More…]

Turbine – the developer of Infinite Crisis – is developing an iPhone and iPad spin-off called Batman: Arkham Underworld. You will be able to recruit henchmen, build a hideout and be a generally bad person. There is no release date available for the game as yet, but a beta is open for registrations. [More…]

A number of other Warner Bros. IPs will also be heading to mobile platforms, including DC Comics Legends, Game of Thrones, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Mortal Kombat X and the Batman title mentioned above. [More…]

Consoles & Hardware

Sony’s Project Morpheus will be released in the first half of 2016, and when it arrives, it will feature a 5.7 inch OLED screen, with a resolution of 1920×1080 and a 120Hz refresh rate. [More…]

Nvidia has announced another Shield. This version of hardware is the “world’s first 4K Android TV” set top box and will launch in May at a price of $200. It will come with 16GB internal storage, a microSD expansion port and two USB 3.0 ports for external HDDs. [More…]

Sales & Discounts

The March PS Plus titles have been confirmed, and on PS4 you can grab Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and Valiant Hearts: The Great War, while the PS3 entries are  Papo and Yo and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, and the PS Vita bags OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood and CounterSpy.


Valve announced Source 2, more Steam Machines, SteamVR and more at GDC. But it didn’t announce Half-Life 3… [More…]

Sony announced at GDC that PS4 global sales now stand at over 20.2 million.

The PC gaming industry is expected to be worth $35 billion by 2018. [More…]

One of Dragon Age’s creators, David Gaider, is moving on to a new BioWare project (which he can’t discuss). [via Twitter]

Screenshots & Concept Art


Sunset Overdrive‘s final bit of DLC will be available on 1 April. The expansion is called ‘Sunset Overdrive: Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines’ and includes a “new sci-fi area with fresh challenges and story missions.” [More…]

The Rockstar Energy Car Pack for Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One is now available at a price of $5. Six cars are available in the DLC, including Tanner Foust’s Global Rallycross Beetle. [More…]

A video for the early weapon access coming with the ‘Ascendance’ DLC for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

The fifth add-on pack for Alien: Isolation, ‘The Trigger’, is now available. The DLC adds three new maps for the game’s Survivor Mode.

A gameplay trailer for Warhammer End Times Vermintide.

Former Telltale developers have announced their new game – a supernatural teen thriller called Oxenfree.

Caffiene – an indie developed sci-fi horror – is heading to Xbox One as well as the previously announced PS4 and PC versions of the game.

Unity 5 is now available for free, unless you like it so much, you want a ‘Professional’ licence which will cost you $1,500 up front or a $75 monthly subscription. [More…]

New footage from Unreal Tournament has surfaced, and the game is really starting to take shape.