News Wrap 02Morning all y’all. Nearly thought we weren’t going to make this one today, but here it is in all its jam packed news glory.

Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter has predicted the price points for both the PS4 and Xbox One. The (almost, sometimes, never right) analyst has predicted $349 for the PS4 and $399 for the Xbox One. [via CVG]

Sony has confirmed a UK release date of 11 October for Beyond: Two Souls. The game is out in the US on 8 October.

Details found in the demo of The Last of Us points to a clan-based multiplayer survival mode. According to the details [via CVG] players will be able to craft weapons, rescue hostages and build and manage a clan of survivors, who must be trained up to repel attacks from the infected and rival clans. Further details have come via TheSixthAxis, who say the multiplayer is called ‘Factions’ and features two game types, Supply Raid and Survivors. Both modes support up to four players per team across seven maps.

Eidos has teased a new Deus Ex. “Are YOU ready for The Fall?” they tweeted. Any bets on the new game – Deus Ex: The Fall – to be revealed at E3?

DICE has said that the Battlefield: Bad Company series not in “active development”, as Battlefield 4 is their main focus. Boo. [via Eurogamer]

343 Industries is looking for a Multiplayer Designer who will help them “shape the future of the Halo franchise”. I guess that means they’re probably busy with another Halo right…? If you fancy your chances getting the job, head here.

State of Decay releases on 5 June (tomorrow) for Xbox Live Arcade.

A post on Vine by Telltale Games appears to hint at an upcoming The Walking Dead announcement. We’ll let you make up your own mind about what it is.

Lionhead has launched a new (surprise, surprise) Fable forum leading to speculation that E3 will mark the return of the franchise. [via Lionhead]

Harmonix will be revealing a new game today. Via a Twitter posting: “Harmonix is announcing a new game tomorrow (it’s not RockBand or Dance Central). Stay tuned for the exciting news!”

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will be available free-to-play, alongside the full retail version. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters will be a digital download via the PlayStation Store for PS3 from 3 November and will include the “core game”, with four playable characters (Kasumi, Ayane, Ryu Hayabuse, and Hayate), and all the game’s modes except Story Mode. Additional characters will be made available as microtransactions at $3.99 per character, and story mode will cost $14.99. Multiplayer access is unlimited.

Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion has been confirmed as DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Zynga has closed three offices and retrenched over 500 members of staff. The offices shut are in Dallas, LA and New York. [via CVG]

The World of Warcraft movie will start filming in the “first quarter 2014”. The film will be directed by Duncan Jones, who made Moon and Source Code.