Gaming News Wrap [30 Dec 2013]

Zombie New Year_01Good morning. Welcome to the (most likely) last Gaming News Wrap of 2013. We’ll see you all again in the new year. Stay safe and watch out for the stumbling drunk at the new year’s party… they may not be a drunk but a zombie…


The new ‘hotfix’ update for Call of Duty Ghosts is available on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The update introduces the new Heavy Duty playlist that increases player health, as well as changes to the way that squad points are granted during early levels of character progression and new loadouts have been added to Infected mode. Additional updates are promised to further improve the balance and stability of the game. [More on the Official Website]

The number of player created jobs in GTA Online has passed one million already, and now Rockstar has revealed the first of their officially “verified” jobs. You can view them all here. Rockstar has also said that it is “working on a fix that will remove any GTA$ gained through these blatant exploits, as well as prevent this from happening in the future.”

The Xbox Live ‘Countdown to 2014’ daily deals for today (30 December) are all about the Season Pass. Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed IV, Injustice, Saints Row IV and Metro: Last Light all have their Season Passes discounted by as little as 25% and by as much as 50%.

Warner Bros. is teasing a Batman announcement on 31 December. So hang around Facebook for the day. Or not, and wait for it to appear elsewhere.

So what can you expect on Sony‘s consoles next year? Quite a good selection actually, including the big ones like Watch_Dogs, Destiny and inFamous. There are also a couple of ‘under-the-radar’ style titles like The Evil Within and Murdered: Soul Suspect. All in all, Sony has a good selection to expect, and you can see the line-up here.


Microsoft has filed a trademark for ‘Throne Together. It’s listed as “Game Software” but that’s about all that can be confirmed for now. [via AllGamesBeta]


The 2014 prologue trailer for Deep Down. Screens are available here.

A Dying Light live action short called ‘Christmas Carol’.

The Japanese TV commercial for Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD. It’s a slow news day OK…

A fan-made film called Croft. We’re pretty sure you don’t need to be told which Croft it’s about right?