News Wrap 05Well hello Friday, it’s so good of you to join us at the end of the week.


The Last Team Standing Update for GTA Online and brings the new mode (10 jobs in total), new weapons, new motorcycles and a new creator mode. [More…]

Season one of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead will be released in North America for the Xbox One and PS4 on 14 October, with season two following on 21 October. Both seasons release on 24 October in Europe. [More…]

Obsidian Entertainment has delayed the release of Pillars of Eternity until “early 2015” to “incorporate as much feedback as possible, polish every nook and cranny of the game,” and make sure they “don’t ship a buggy game.”


State of Decay has sold two million copies over both Xbox 360 and Steam and Undead :abs have announced a “a month long celebration”, but didn’t detail it just yet.

Rovio has announced plans to cut up to 16% of its workforce in a bid to “reignite growth” and “simplify” the company’s operations.

The Xbox One only sold 31,000 units in Japan over three and a half weeks, and Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui has said that they’re not satisfied with the “current sales state”. [More…]


These are the weapons you can use in Far Cry 4.

An in-game cinematic from Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Get flared up and stomped with these new Alien Isolation trailers.

Be the zombie (how do you though) in this new Dying Light trailer.

DriveClub developer diary which discusses pushing the PS4 to its limits.

Quan Chi joins the Mortal Kombat X cast.

NBA Live 15 shows off its offensive improvements.

The assassin is green again in this Styx: Master of Shadows trailer.

A number of videos from the Alpha of Bloodborne have been released by YouTuber Prodigious.

DC Universe Online is getting a new user interface, and this is a preview of what you can expect.

Ace Combat Infinity has a new update which brings new aircraft, campaign mission 8, a new online co-op mission and more.

Some Final Fantasy XV combat footage.