News Wrap 02Good morning. We trust you are all well. If not, maybe this edition of Gaming News Wrap will help make you feel better.


Surprise! There’s likely to be DLC for Assassin’s Creed Unity, and it’s taken the usual leak by a retailer of pre-order incentives. Why do some people act surprised these days that DLC for a game is coming? [More…]

The new ‘Bondurant’ Car Pack has been released for Forza 5 and features ten new cars which are “a collection of vehicles built from the ground up for the new generation”. The pack costs $9.99 or is free for Season Pass holders.

DriveClub has plans to reduce -and ultimately remove – rage quitters in races by adding new mini challenges during races. [More…]

Sci-Fi TV Series Falling Skies will be heading to PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U “this autumn” as a “tactical strategy RPG” with “an immersive story driven experience” and “a never-ending list of missions”. [via Press Release]

Are you still playing Unreal Tournament 3 on PC? The good news is that a patch has been released to ensure that the game will still be playable online after GameSpy shuts its servers down. [More…]


Naughty Dog is working on a new project that is on the scale of Uncharted, but it’s “in the very early stages.” [More…]

UK first week sales of Watch_Dogs has smashed the previous record for a new IP. [More…]

Dawn of War and Company of Heroes developer, Relic, claims to have a “plausible solution” to making an RTS work successfully on console. But they’re not “going to talk about” it just yet. So more RTS titles on console in the future then? Yes please, I say. [More…]

EA is to pay NCAA players around $40 million for the unauthorised use of their likeness in the NCAA Football, NCAA March Madness and NCAA Basketball games. [More…]

Yager – the studio behind Spec Ops: The Line – is set to reveal their new game at E3. Evidence suggests the game is likely to be a new IP and a free-to-play military shooter. [More…]

The Wii U has seen its hardware sales jump 666% in the UK on the back of Mario Kart 8’s release. Proof that something slightly evil is at work in the world of Mario… [More…]

Screenshots & Concept Art


Homefront 2 has been renamed Homefront: The Revolution and is heading to the PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2015. Details, screens and boxart here.

So Mortal Kombat X is a real thing. While actual details are a little thin on the ground, the game will be out in 2015, and – we’re guessing here – will be on PS4 and Xbox One.

It’s Favela from Modern Warfare 2. Sorry, Call of Duty Ghosts.

A new Xbox One console app has been launched to “enhance” your FIFA World Cup experience.

It’s all M&M in this Disney Infinity 2.0 trailer – Merida and Maleficent.

It looks like Fable Anniversary is heading to PC. That’s if this video from Lionhead themselves is anything to go by.

More Battlefield Hardline footage has hit the internet. Watch it soon before it’s gone again.

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