News Wrap 01Howdy all. It’s the start of a new week, and we’d like to get it off with a bang. The boom comes later.

Xbox One stuff. Avalanche Studios executive, Christofer Sundberg, has backed Microsoft’s new console saying he believes Microsoft made the right decision on the night of the Xbox Reveal to focus on the console as an entertainment centre, as dubbing it the “ultimate gaming machine at this point, Microsoft would lose the attention of general media. This way, they are grabbing mainstream attention first and can focus entirely on gamers at E3.” [via CVG]

Microsoft is telling you to keep your Xbox 360 because any XBLA games you have on it will not be transferable to the Xbox One. Well, we need to keep it to play any old Xbox 360 games due to no backward compatibility Phil… [via GameSpot]

Microsoft has released a video which features insight from members of the design team behind the Xbox One.

A sign at E3 is proclaiming that Dark Souls II is “coming March 2014”. Some leaked concept art for the game has also found it’s way online via AllGamesBeta.

Arkane Studios is rumoured to be working on – and rebooting – Prey 2 for Bethesda. [via CVG]

The PlayStation 4 will be a “great” platform for MMORPGs reckons DC Universe Online producer Larry Liberty. And there’s no reason we don’t agree with him, except Sony’s console doesn’t require ‘always on’ interenet… TROLOLOL.

Naughty Dog has no plans to do a new game engine for their future projects on the PS4, and will rather tweak their existing tech. This is due to the shift to next gen already putting strain on resources said game director Bruce Straley via Digital Spy. Trying to build and learn a new engine on top of that would be unreasonably difficult.

The Last of Us demo is now available to owners of God of War: Ascension. Details of how to access the demo can be found here. You can also see the latest screenshots right here.

Ubisoft has “lots of plans” for a next-gen Splinter Cell. “Sam will be back.” [via CVG]

There’s a new Halo 4 patch inbound. The update will arrive today and will bring a number of gameplay tweaks that will improve weapon balancing in the game. List of changes available here.

Microsoft has registered a number of Halo Spartan Assault domains. That’s all that is known for now.

Deep Silver is “delighted” with the success of Metro Last Light with the sequel “significantly outselling” predecessor. We thought it was pretty good too.

Wolfenstein 3D has returned to XBLA and PSN (EU PSN “coming soon”) after its brief hiatus.

The third phase of the closed beta for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been dated for 14 June. Apply here if you’re keen.

If you missed it, Grid 2 launched on Friday. A launch trailer also did. Here it is. The game is sitting at 79 on Metacritic at the time of writing.

Motion capture gets shown off in this new Watch Dogs video.

Bikers. Start your engines. This is the new trailer for Ride to Hell: Retribution.

A new videos showing of gameplay – including a boss battle (in more ways than one…) – for Killer is Dead are… below. Hope your Japanese is passable.

Company of Heroes 2 gets another trailer called ‘More Than Tanks’.